Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Wedding Bug Crash Course

I've been reading wedding blogs for about a year now. I feel like I've consumed more than my fair share - it's time to give SOMETHING back to even it all out. Also, I have a touch of narcissism, which blogging fuels nicely.

I proposed on July 7, 2009. We're still a year and a half away from a wedding. Why such a long engagement?

  1. We're young. We met in college, and I proposed right before starting my senior year. 
  2. We're broke. My lady has a fabulous job, and I have been financial dead weight. I graduate with my Master's Degree in two weeks, at which point I will (hopefully) become more useful. 
  3. We're gay. We stalled long enough that marriage equality passed in nearby D.C., and was voted down in Maryland, where we live. But we're winning, slowly but surely - the longer we wait, the better our chances are of being legally married during our ceremony. 
To bring everyone fully up to speed: 

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