Friday, October 21, 2011


            Most couples now get married around when they turn 30. Or at least, most couples that have the same kind of education, thought processes, and goals as me. I think the idea is that they graduate from college, spend their twenties busting their ass to build a career during the day and go out drinking at night. Their thirties are the time when they settle down and build a family.
            It’s not that I don’t have the desire to build a career. I don’t know exactly what I want that career to be, but I need it to be meaningful and challenging, and quite frankly time consuming. And I want to move across the country, live in a big city, take huge risks, and travel the world.
            I want to do all of those things with Kelly. And I know she’ll encourage every second of it. She genuinely wants me to be everything I want to be.
            I was worried that getting married so young would mean that I’m co-dependent, or that I was stunted by a tough childhood. It seemed like a legitimate fear – I didn’t have the support I needed, so maybe I was trying to find it in a prematurely committed relationship.
            Then I thought about my job. My time in college. My goals. And I realized I don’t NEED Kelly. I love everything about her, but I could function on my own. That’s just not what I want. I want to build a life with her, and adventure with her. I want to work towards common goals, because we want similar things. And it’s going to be FUCKING AWESOME. 

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