Monday, June 6, 2011

An Interruption

Reality kind of kicked our proposal plans in their overly optimistic faces.

Before Bug's brother-in-law proposed to her sister, he asked her parents for permission. Everyone hugged and cried and tried not to ruin the surprise while they waited for him to ask. Bug craved the same kind of moment, but there were some problems with it. My dad hasn't been a part of my life since I was 15, and my mother's fiancĂ©, whom no one particularly liked, had just died. I have three brothers who would be good candidates, if Bug's first interaction with my older brother hadn't gone as follows:

We enter my mother's apartment the first weekend my family is meeting Bug. My brother walked in from the laundry room, wearing boxer briefs. Only boxer briefs. 

Brother *glances down*: Ah. Well, try to stay a lesbian. 

So instead of asking my family for permission, Bug decided to just tell her family what the plan was. I'll gloss over the more painful details, but her parents asked her not to propose.  For Bug, this was absolutely game over. She called me immediately after she got of the phone with her family, crying and heartbroken. I was furious, and the more I thought everything through, the angrier I got.

So I decided to do the proposing myself.

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